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MLA for Dauphin
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Check it out! Join me and Minister Kelvin Goertzen and Minister Ralph Eichler Monday, January 15th! fb.me/1mLtTOSwz

Retweeted PC Party of Manitoba (@PC_Manitoba): New job numbers came out yesterday - good news for Manitoba!... fb.me/8ml2maJw1

Retweeted Brian Pallister (@Brian_Pallister): Thrilled to see Portage la Prairie host the first Canadian... fb.me/1Jfy7igmb

Retweeted Kelvin Goertzen (@kelvin_goertzen): Ambulances lined up in January 2015 during flu season. @MGEUnion... fb.me/87CR29gI5

Retweeted Manitoba PC Caucus (@PCcaucus): "A picture circulating on social media showing a half-dozen ambulances... fb.me/PiCk66PJ

Retweeted PC Party of Manitoba (@PC_Manitoba): Less than 14 hours to donate and get your 2017 tax credit!... fb.me/1pY4SPdiG

Retweeted PC Party of Manitoba (@PC_Manitoba): The province has received the final report of the Wait Times... fb.me/XqH976hu

Retweeted 730 CKDM (@730CKDM): Dauphin will be receiving the MRI machine as confirmed by Health Minster Goertzen... fb.me/K6ao7vt6

Retweeted Dauphin Herald (@dauphin_herald): Despite a recommendation from the Wait Times Reduction Task Force... fb.me/IcV5pE0X

Great news for the Dauphin Constituency! fb.me/CKjdp68Q

Retweeted Manitoba PC Caucus (@PCcaucus): This morning, Health Minister @kelvin_goertzen and Dauphin MLA... fb.me/C1dKaTwL

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